Saturday, January 12, 2013


Late one night in 1982, Cliff had just closed his piano at The Abacus on Shakespeare Rd. in Dollard des Ormeaux and we were off to Le Cafetiere in the Marche de L'Ouest for our usual after midnight meal.
We parked the car and went into the huge restaurant. The place was deserted - not a diner in sight, not a waiter to be seen. There was some rattling of dishes somewhere. 
And there was music playing over the public address system. Not something I would usually notice, but something stopped me in my tracks. I listened, startled.
It was Satin Doll. It was Satin Doll on Cliff's new album, Mr. Nostalgia, Cliff Carter.
And we were the only people in the restaurant.
Some coincidence !  What a delight !
The Sheba remembers.

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